Location and Brief Story:

The Barrage is situated 10 miles north-west of Kashmore and about 100 miles upstream of Sukkur Barrage on River Indus, almost at the northern boundary of Sindh Province. The Barrage has been designed for providing assured water supply and improvement and extension of Irrigation facilities of Sindh and Baluchistan areas, which were being irrigated by inundation canals, the supplies of which were depending on uncertain fluctuating water levels of River Indus. The construction of head works was completed in the year 1962. The whole area commanded by the Guddu Barrage designed non-perennial.

Of the four feeders off-taking from this Barrages, two feeders on the right bank namely the discharge canal and Begari Sindh Feeder provide water for rice cultivation and the third feeder, namely Pat Canal on the right bank and Ghotki on the left bank are designed for dry crop cultivation. The pace of growth in agriculture on this Barrage has been satisfactory and in fact almost all the feeders in Sindh are working for beyond their designed capacity in order to satisfy the growing needs of the farmers. The project was planned to be completed in all respects earlier but due to financial constraints, some works costing Rs.238.8 million are still to be completed

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