Head Office

Irrigation Department was Split from Irrigation and Power Department, internal structure of Irrigation department have gone through many different phases of improvements.

Below are attached Sections at Head Office working together as building blocks of Irrigation:

  1. General Section
    • This Section Deals with All Matters Relating to Field of Irrigation Department (Secretarial), Establishment of Irrigation Department, Coordination Work and General Matters, Creation/Continuation of Secretariat Posts, Loans/Advances to all Civil Servants of Irrigation Department
  2. Admin-I Section
    • This Section Deals with All Matters Pertaining to Officers Working in Grade 18 and Above
  3. Admin-II Section
    • This Section have responsibility of Maintaining ACR – Annual Confidential Reports of Officers of Grade 16 and 17, Cases of Complaints & Disciplinary Notion against them, Declaration of Assets, Grant of Permission to Buy/Sell the Movable/Immovable properties in respect of Offices in BPS-16 and BPS-17 also Move-over and Foreign Training Cases of Officers
  4. Admin-III Section
    • This Section Deals with All Matters Pertaining to Field Staff ( Technical/Non Technical) in BPS-1 to BPS16
  5. Operation Section
    • This Section Deals with All Irrigation Matters Pertaining to Sukkur, Gudu & Kotri Barrages, Region Lease of Pailands, Claims of Contractors, Irrigation Rest House & Other Misc. Cases
  6. Regulation Section
    • (To Be Updated Soon)
  7. Para & Audit P&A Section
    • This Section Deals with All Matters Pertaining to Paras, Draft Paras, Advance Paras, Audit Inspections, Reports of Accounts General / Director General (Audit). Appropriation of Accounts under all head-of-Accounts.
  8. Research Section
    • (To Be Updated Soon)
  9. Planning Section
    • This Section have responsibilities related to ADP-Schemes & PC-I, PC-II, PC-IV of ADP-Schemes, Tube wells Preparation of Monthly Progress Report and All Matters relating to ADP. i.e. Processing of Schemes, PDWP and DDWP arrangements, Small Dams, Revamping of Irrigation System & Demand of Funds
  10. Development Section
    • This Section Deals with All Development Activities i.e. Preparation of Five Year Plans, Foreign Exchange, Foreign Loans & Grants, Progress Reports on Foreign Aided Projects, Action om Flood Protection Schemes, Flood Protection Sector Project (PFSP), Manchar Head, RBOD, PC-I, PC-II, Flood Projection
  11. Budget & Accounts B&A Section
    • This Section Deals with cases pertaining to Releases of Funds, Annual Budget of all Regions in Irrigation Department, S.N.E. Proposal and Liabilities of All Regions
  12. Technical Section
    • This Section Deals with Scrutiny of Technical Reports/Physical Reports, Policies of Federal Government, Coordination in respect of Mega Projects, Preparation of Comments and any other Job Assigned by Secretary, Irrigation
  13. Mechanical Section
    • This Section Deals with All Matters concerning with Machinery in all the Regions, Labour Courts Cases, Court Cases pertaining to Mechanical Divisions, Labour Union of Mechanical Staff, Tube Wells, Purchases of Machinery and other related items, Silt Clearance of Channels and Other Misc. Cases
  14. Rates-Revenue & Stats R, R&S Section
    • This Section Deals with Preparation and Up-Grading of Schedule of Rates, Rates analysis, rate of Material and Wages Specifications and All other works pertaining to schedule of rates and International System of Weight and Measures. All Irrigation Statistics, Statistics Statement, Cultivation Figures, water Rates, Evaluation and Inspection Reports, Assessment of Advance Irrigation Acts and Canal Rules, Court Cases of all Regions
  15. Indus River Commission I, R&C Section
    • This Section Deals with All Matters related to Land Compensation, Indus River Commission Meetings, Flood Disaster, Control Plan, and Litigations relating to Land Compensation etc.
  16. Water Sector improvement Program, WSIP Section
    • This Section Deals with All Matters pertaining to national Drainage Program and Sindh Irrigation & Drainage Program SIDA, LBOD, NDP-I, SCARP Transition, Kotri Barrage Surface Drains
  17. Assembly Business/Media A, B&M Section
    • This Section Deals with All Matters pertaining to Assembly Business and all matters appearing in National Press regarding Irrigation Department and Concerned issues